Police Rules

Metropolitan Police Guidelines

1.Professionalism is to be kept at all time while on duty this will result in being warned or even demoted,you are to take the job seriously.

2.There is only to be a max of 2 police units at each traffic stop.

3.You are not to search someone on a traffic stop unless you have a valid reason.

4.Abuse of a taser or any police issued equipment will result in you losing it.

5.No driving around in personal vehicles.

6.Respect your higher ups and follow their orders.

7.When cuffing people always use the soft cuffs before hard cuffing.The hard cuffs are only to be used if the suspect is fleeing.

9.When searching people and taking firearms and weapons they are to be placed in the armoury if you are found keeping weapons that have been seized from a suspect this will result in instant fired and blacklisted from the met.

10.At robberies pcso are to stay in there car unless a higher up asks you to help out.

11.You are not to tase a suspect if they are firing their weapon toward another officer or civilian you are to stay clear of that individual.

12.Police communications are to be cleared at all times when you are on call you are to say undefen at all times

Note:Police communications are to be in character at all times anyone who doesn't follow this will be removed from the police communications.

13.Cutting suspects' sentences because they are associated with you is not allowed.

14.When going off duty between the time 3-5pm You can only go off duty when there is a minimum 20 police online. Before and after them times there must be a minimum of 10 police online to go off duty.

15.Drug raids are only to be conducted when it is authorised by the deputy commissioner or the commissioner.

16.You're only to stop and search someone if you are commanded by a higher up or have valid suspicion.

17.The revive on the f6 menu is only to be used then there is no NHS in the city.

18.If a suspect is on the ground either injured or dead you leave the dead body do NOT pick it up and move it

19.You are not to sit at legion square either go do traffic stop or sit at .

20. Your are to follow traffic laws at all time that mean stopping at red lights ect .

21.You are only to fire your gun at a suspect if they have shot first or your life is in danger alway try to get them alive

22.You are only to cuff someone if they have their hands up and you must be behind them if you fail to comply with this then it will result in punishment.

23.You are not to hand cars down to lower ranks,The cars you can see in the police garage is the ones you can drive.